Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Utah Ogden Mission Week 2 Report

So I took 1/2 hour a few days ago and wrote a post, inserted some pictures and alas, a phone call came in late that evening and the blogging app didn't save my post. Whoa, that was disappointing. I'll keep this one a bit more brief and post fewer pictures. It's been a rocking and rolling 9 days since our last post. We had a great fireside commemorating pioneer days here in Ogden. To Utahns, Pioneer Day is a pretty big deal complete with festivities including rodeos, campouts, parades and fireworks. The non-Mormons love to celebrate "pie and beer" day instead of Pi on eer Day, and it's fun too. Many people are out and about in their neighborhoods on beautiful summer evenings enjoying the festivities and neighborhood celebrations. 

Elder Todd D. Christofferson of the quorum of the 12 apostles kicked off the community activities last Sunday and celebrated the spirit of pioneering and community. He had learned that Ogden seemed to understand better than many Utah communities how to bridge cultural and religious divides to accomplish wonderful things. My sense is Ogden has been a healthy, diverse community for a long time. Before we came here, we had heard from naysayers that Ogden was a beat-up,  run-down, crime-ridden community. Not so. The people are friendly, the scenery majestic, the spirit of service is strong. 
We were grateful to meet a servant of the Lord and feel the spirit of love he had for so many. 

We have been busily engaged in zone conferences. Zone conferences provide an opportunity for Sister Jaggi and I, the AP's, zone leaders and office staff to train.  We have 5 zones right now with 130 young missionaries that will go to 7 or 8 zones and 180
Missionaries in the coming months. It is a spirit-filled meeting which we all enjoy. The local church's provide lunch during the mid-day. It is always delicious. We posted pictures of complete zones as well as companionships on our Facebook page (Jeremy Jaggi) and on Instagram (presidentandsisterjaggi). 

We have been impressed with the number of senior couples serving in the office and as full time missionaries from the 59 stakes in our mission. Most, but not all are retired and they serve many hours a week without "purse or script." They are humble and obedient servants of the Lord. We are grateful for them.  

Many young people have asked us recently how they can best prepare for a mission. My new advice...get a job and work. Parents should teach work to their children at a young age, through example. (Doing yardwork, helping s neighbor, cleaning the church). When older teens should get a job. Jobs help young people understand discipline, having a boss, being responsible and committed. Missioanaries who never worked have a more difficult transition to the 6:30am - 10:30pm schedule. 

The missionary schedule is packed, there are few downtimes but the work is beautiful. We attended a baptism last week and the week before. When people feel Gods spirit and recognize it, they change heir lives dramatically. Miracles are happening regularly. Sometimes, we just need to look! 

P.S. The local newspaper the Standard examiner did a brief article on the Utah Ogden Mission. The link is below. (http://www.standard.net/Faith/2015/07/08/Utah-Ogden-LDS-mission-under-new-direction.html)



  1. Love you guys! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Sister Jaggi,
    I loved the talk you have with your husband at South Ogden stake conference this morning. I was wondering if you tell me Book of Mormon study that you recommended, the 5 color one? I got part of it down, but then my boys bolted for the stairs. Thank you so much for all you do.
    Bry Collard