Saturday, 4 July 2015

Day 1 at the MTC

The day opened with Elder Bednar conducting and a fabulous missionary choir that brought us all to tears. We looked at Maren Cline (our niece who will be serving in Nagoya Japan)  in the eyes and she smiled at us and we wept like babies. The spirit is real. It comes from God to confirm the truth of all things. Elder Nelson, Elder Evans, Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson followed. They are disciples of our Lord and Savior. We learned to follow the Saviors example by "submitting our will to the Father" and were assigned to read the gospel of John and 3rd Nephi 11-19 in the Book of Mormon and count how many times the savior intimates or references submitting himself to the father. He, a God, creator of heaven and earth submitted to His Father and taught us how to do the same. If we will submit, "all things are possible." The spirit confirmed that truth that we are led by living apostles and prophets. We love you dear family.

Jeremy and Amy

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